Local Recording and Live Performance or Video Shoots (Germany Wide):

If you need a drummer for a Recording Session, Tour, Gig or even for a Video shoot I am your drummer. You can book me at If you want to see me play, just check out my YouTube-Videos.

Recordings World Wide:

I offer to Record drums for your songs. So if you have a Song that should be brought to the next level, I am very happy to record the drums for you.

For this you can choose between Electronic Drum Kit (with Samples of your choice) or my Acoustic Drum Kit. I will provide you with high quality drum tracks or the entire drum mix as wav files. You also have the option to get the entire song mastered.  For further details contact me at

My Skill Set for live Performances:

  • I can read sheet music and learn your songs very fast.
  • Playing with a click.
  • My Intention is to make the song with my drumming the best it can possibly be.
  • I am full of energy and give a performance no crowd would want to miss.
  • Music Genre I perform best to: EDM, Pop, Rock, Hard Rock up to a Metal and Core influences.

My Skill Set for Recordings:

  • Reading sheet music
  • Playing with a click.
  • Creative and always looking for the best way to take the song to the next level
  • Various Experiences in different styles, due to playing many genres for my YouTube recordings