Private Lessons

Private Drum Lessons:

I offer private drum lessons via Skype or in Person, if you live near Frankfurt (Germany) .

Feel free to contact me at

If you want to see me play, just check out my YouTube-Videos.

My Goals as a teacher:

If you want to be the best drummer for a band, I am your man.

You will learn everything from:

  • Basic technique, that will be practiced directly in songs
  • Main concepts to be the backbone of a band
  • How to read sheet music and tabs
  • Create your own sheet music
  • Writing  drum tracks for songs
  • Stage Performance

In the end I will bring you to a level in which you can play to any song from pop to metal on the fly and sound great.

You will also learn to play for the song.  This means in a band or playing to music the most important part is the song. As a drummer you are the backbone. Your main Job is it to keep the time and play an appropriate beat to the song.