About Me

I am the Happy Drummer aka Nikolai.

I have been playing drums for over 18 Years now. When I am on the drum kit I just feel alive and have so much energy and love to spread some positive vibes.

I started at the age of 7.  Before that I had great fun hitting on boxes or things I could find at home. Over the years I had over 7 drum teachers, which all influenced me in a different way.

I played in many bands from Cover, Metal, Punk and Hard Rock over the past years and learned a lot.

In 2013 I started my own YouTube channel, which has now grown to over 2500 Subs.  This channel taught me a lot about Recording, learning fast new songs, filming and video editing.

In the End of 2016 I took another step and went to livestreaming drums on Twitch. Giving me the opportunity to also learn how to moderate, directly interact with fans and play to songs on the fly.

Since 2017 I am also now a drum teacher at the  Modern Music School in Mainz and Frankfurt and I also hosted my first Drumming Workshop at Musikhaus Andre.



  • I won two times the First Prize in Jugend Musiziert
  • I won a drum scholar ship for one year at the Music Academy Frankfurt
  • I reached the Final of the Big Drum Bonanza 2014 Modern Music School Contest (Final Video)
  • I very successfully completed the Drum Phase One Exam at the Modern Music School